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Intermach > Machines > Sheetmetal > Cutting - Laser > DNE Fiber Laser by Bystronic – 1.5Kw – 3000mm x 1500mm Sheet

DNE Fiber Laser by Bystronic – 1.5Kw – 3000mm x 1500mm Sheet

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DNE Fiber Laser by Bystronic – 1.5Kw – 3000mm x 1500mm Sheet Capacity


Bystronic DNE Laser is proud to unveil its new D-Fast Fiber Laser, their latest
addition to the world of hi-tech laser cutting solutions. A fast, accurate, fully
enclosed laser machine, the D-Fast will outperform any fiber laser cutter in this
price bracket.

Featuring the latest Bystronic technology, DNE lasers bring decades of industry
leading laser experience to the marketplace. And with the introduction of the
D-Fast series, high performance laser cutting is more affordable than ever.
The new D-Fast model offers the highest quality components and a build
quality second to none. The machine offers excellent reliability along with high
speed and exceptional accuracy.

Rapid market acceptance has allowed Bystronic DNE to export to over 60
countries all over the world.

Bystronic DNE have the technology to give you the edge. You won’t find a
better machine for the price!

D-Fast 1530 Specifications:

Working area (L*W) 3048×1524mm
X-axis running area 1524mm
Y-axis running area 3048mm
Z-axis running area 150mm
X/Y Positioning Accuracy 0.02mm/m
X/Y Repeated Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
Wave Length 1064nm
Max. Cutting Speed 35-40 m/min (Stainless 1mm)
Max. accelerated speed 2G
Voltage 415V, 50Hz
Power Requirement < 21kW (for 3kW)

Material                         1Kw      1.5Kw       2Kw          3Kw
Stainless steel (O2)       5mm       8mm       12mm        12mm
Carbon steel (O2)        14mm     16mm       18mm       22mm
Galvanized steel (N2)    4mm       5mm         6mm         8mm
Aluminum (O2)               4mm       5mm         8mm       10mm
Red copper (N2)          1.5mm       4mm         5mm         6mm
Brass (N2)                       4mm       5mm         6mm       12mm




1530 D-Fast 1.5Kw
Sheetmetal Laser Cutting
Cutting - Laser, Sheetmetal