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Intermach NZ Ltd > Machines > Sheetmetal > Bending - CNC Press brake > HSG HB 100-3020 CNC Servo Pressbrake

HSG HB 100-3020 CNC Servo Pressbrake

  • HSG Servo Pressbrake
  • HSG HB6020 Pressbrake with Robot 2
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  • Hybrid-drive-system
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  • HB-3-258x258

HSG Servo Electric Pressbrake, HB 100-3200 7 axis CNC

Features include:

– 100 ton bending force
– 3020mm bending length
– 2570mm between frames

– 200mm/sec approach speed
– 0.2 to 50mm/sec bending speed
– 200mm/sec return speed

– 500mm/sec X Axis speed (backguage)
– 700mm/sec Z Axis speed (backguage fingers centre to frames)
– 60mm/sec R Axis speed (backguage up and down)

– 450mm throat depth
– 200mm ram stroke
– 420mm open height
– Delem DA-66T CNC Touch Control
– 7 axis (Y1, Y2, X, Z1, Z2, R & CNC crowning compensation)
– deformation compensation on throat
– full top Eurostyle tooling in 835 or 500mm lengths
– full bottom Eurostyle clamping system with set of two V dies
– further tooling options subject to discussion
– 4 backgauge fingers moving freely on linear rail
– DSP Laser safety guard
– Physical side and rear guards

HSG HB series Pressbrakes maintain perfect, high speed control of the beam positioning at all times, this is achieved by infintely controlled electro-servo positioning of Y1 & Y2 individually. The beam position (Y1 & Y2) is measured by independant linear scales, attached to decoupled measuring frames and monitored by CNC controlled servo drives.

The HB series are of the high speed and are perfectly suited to high production, high accuracy working environments, offering bending and repetative bending tolerances of plus/minus 0.01mm at break neck speed.


HB 1003
Bending - CNC Press brake, Sheetmetal