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Intermach NZ Ltd > Machines > Engineeering > Cold Saws/Cut-off saws > MEP Auto Cold Saw – Tiger 350AX

MEP Auto Cold Saw – Tiger 350AX

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MEP Tiger 350AX Auto Cut-off Saw

The TIGER 350AX is a pendular cutting machine which can operate at a cutting angle of 60 degrees anti-clockwise and 45 degrees clockwise. These features together with its good cutting capacities, result in a very versatile machine that has been designed as a simple and reliable answer to the wide range of cutting needs of the modern engineering workshop.

The TIGER 350AX is an automatic electromechanical pneumatic saw, which cuts metal profiles and solids. It can operate in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode.

Capacity 90 degrees: round 115 mm
Capacity 90 degrees: flat 180 x 95 mm
Capacity 90 degrees: square 95 x 95 mm
Capacity 45 degrees: flat 125 x 95 mm
Capacity 45 degrees: round 110 mm
Capacity 60 degrees: flat 90 x 95 mm
Capacity 60 degrees: round 90 mm
Saw blade diameter 350 x 2,5 x 32 mm spindle hole
Max opening of vice 190mm
Cutting speeds 15 / 30 / 45 / 90 rpm
Total power requirement 2.6 / 1.8 kW
Weight of the machine ca. 630 kg.
Dimensions  2.210 x 1.040 x 2.004 mm

Comes with in feed and out feed roller tables
Full set of operation manuals


Tiger 350AX
Cold Saws/Cut-off saws, Engineeering